silhouette of a guitarist

may 25, 2016    acrylic painting   70cm x 80cm



A silhouette of a man with his guitar, walking through a landscape that apears to be surreal now and then.


"The road is long, with many winding turns." I see stones, weeds, and bright colors.


Desolate? I don't think so, although, I wouldn't call it a happy environment, but the thrive of the weeds and the colors are giving the traveler some hope.


Henk Jans creates his works around the theme “The road The weed The stones”, a poetic title that gives him a direction in the actual spirit of times,  in wich an overwhelming  burst of information, such as (fake)news, political, religious and other social opinions are asserting themselves. Also in art, where pretty much everything is possible and as a matter of fact, taboos disappeared, appears a universe of possibilities, in where one sometimes can loose his way.

The silhouette with the guitar, that follows the boundaries of the road, quo vadis?...   The thrive of the weeds beside the route, blossoming, but sometimes also prickly or poisonous and where one can go astray. The hard stones that respond to the temperature as it occurs, but also can give rock solid and firm soil and that bear the centuries in itselve. They are metaphors of life in its different facets.

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